It’s About Time For Buzu!

Maximizing the value of the Buzu Behavior Management System requires a step-by-step approach. After years of research and development, we have developed a progressive timeline to help bolster student engagement and maintain their interest throughout the school year.

Cards With Character!

Professionally made with a unique attention to detail, discover how the various types of Buzu cards work together as an effective tool to help promote academic achievement, school spirit and positive behavior!

Cash In On Customization!

Don’t yet have your own form of school sponsored currency? No problem! Buzu Bucks are available in real-world denominations to help reinforce economic awareness and responsibility!

And if you do already have a medium of exchange in place, we offer additional services to help further customize them to your needs!

Step Up To The Booth!

So much more than cards, the Buzu Behavior Management System is an program adaptable to supporting other school initiatives!

Setting up your own Buzu Booth can help you to inspire students to reinvest in your educational community.

Invite! Ignite! Unite!

What’s better than collecting customized trading cards? Using them as part of an exciting battle-style game of course! (And by the way, it’s educational too!)

The Buzu Trading Card Game (or TCG) is the ideal way to further incentivize students to maintain positive behaviors, improve their artistic skills and enhance their critical thinking skills!